Destination Armenia

Armenian Tourism Information

General Information

Official Name: Republic of Armenia – Hayastany Hanrapetoutyun (Hayastan)
Capital City: Yerevan
Major Cities: Gyumri, Vanadzor
Official Language: Armenian
Religion: Christian, Armenian Apostolic Church
Currency Unit: Armenian Dram, introduced in 1993
Population: 3,219,400 (as of 1 July 2006)
Ethnic Breakdown: Armenians – 96%
Minorities: Russians, Yezidis, Kurds, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Jews and others
Territory: 29.74 thousand square kilometers
Avg. Altitude Above Sea Level: 1,800 meters
Highest Mountain Peak: Aragats (4,095 meters)
Natural Resources: Armenia is rich in copper, iron, bauxite, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead and zinc. Substantial deposits of pumice, marble, tufa, perlite, limestone, basalt and salt also exist. Precious and semi-precious stones are abundant.

Geographic Coordinates:

in the South: 38o 50’ Northern Latitude;
in the North: 41o 20’ Northern Latitude:
in the West: 43o 30’ Eastern Longitude;
in the East: 46o 00’ Eastern Longitude
Neighboring Countries:
in the North: Georgia;
in the East: Azerbaijan;
in the South: Iran;
in the South-West: Nakhijevan (Azerbaijan);
in the West: Turkey.


15,000 monuments of history and culture are spread all over the territory of the Republic of Armenia making this country a unique open-air museum. The fact that Armenia is the oldest Christian state, the existence of early Christian monuments and strong traditions make Armenia a fascinating country for tourists interested in religious and cultural tours. Armenians built magnificent churches in the most inaccessible places and carved unique cross stones which have become one of the symbols of the nation.
The presence of nearly all climatic zones, variety in relief, diversity in flora and fauna attract the people who prefer ecological tourism, bird watching, geological and adventure tours. The sights of Armenian nature – the Armenian Plateau containing an endless chain of mountains, lakes hidden in the heights, mountain torrents and waterfalls, valleys and forests leave deep impressions in people who visit Armenia. Being a country of contrasts in this small piece of land Armenia has sultry summer and eternal winter existing almost side by side. The valleys can be as hot as tropics while mountains are covered with snow all year around.
One of the most ancient cities of the world – Yerevan, is of special interest for visitors. Downtown Yerevan is full of open-air cafes, restaurants, parks and entertainment. Original architecture bearing the signs of various epochs, and safe streets make the city pleasant for walks. The view on the Biblical Mt. Ararat, which is 50 km from Yerevan, is very beautiful.

Currency, Travelers check

The Dram is the Armenian national currency. Paper notes are issued in denominations of 500, 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000 and 50000 Dram. All banknotes that are less than 500 dram (10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500) are replaced by coins. Foreign bank notes can be exchanged at local banks and at exchange counters.
ATM machines work in accordance with the Plus Global Access Network, Visa, and MasterCard systems. The exchange rate in Yerevan has been quite stable and the monetary policies of the Central Bank have been acknowledged by the international community to be largely successful.
For current exchange rate please refer to the official web site of the Central Bank of Armenia:

Medical Services

No obligatory immunizations are required for travelers who visit Armenia. Armenia’s climate is usually pleasant and does not pose unusual health risks. Water in Armenia is clean and safe, though those who have sensitive stomachs may take a few days before fully adjusting to the different food and drink intake.
As for medical facilities, they differ in quality and breadth. There are many qualified doctors and dentists practicing in all specialties. You will be required to make cash deposits and payments in local currency for health care at local health facilities. Almost no hospitals or clinics accept credit card payments at this time.


Armenia has a rather dry climate with little humidity in winter or summer. The country’s climate is continental with four distinct seasons, although high mountain peaks may see snow late into the spring. All four seasons are present in Armenia.
Spring (March to May) can bring showers and sudden snowstorms, but it’s usually sunny with temperatures from 10°C to 26°C. Summer (June to August) is hot and dry with temperatures between 21°C and 37°C. Autumn (September to November) has warm days, but cooler evenings, and can remain warm all the way through to mid-November. Winter (December-February) can be cold with temperatures from -30°C to -10°C.

Information for Travelers

Department Name Contact Telephone
Kentron, Nork-Marash Central
(374 10) 536572, 536651
Arabkir, Kanaker-Zeytun (374 10) 250803
Ajapnyak, Davtashen, Silikyan district (374 10) 352002
Erebuni, Nubarashen (374 10) 450877
Nor Nork, Avan
(374 10) 647079
(374 10) 425925
(374 10) 728120
Department Name
Contact Telephone
Police administration of Yerevan (374 10) 580202, 528868 Chief
Arabkir department
(374 10) 220202 man on duty, 282112 passport office
Avan sub-department (374 10) 610202 man on duty, 627850 passport office
Erebuni department (374 10) 450202 man on duty, 570634 passport office
Nubarashen sub-department (374 10) 475535 man on duty, 475231 passport office
Kentron department (374 10) 550202 man on duty, 535541 passport office
Kanaker-Zeytun department (374 10) 280202 man on duty, 249465 passport office
Nork-Marash sub-department (374 10) 570202 man on duty, 550944 passport office
Mashtots department (374 10) 340202 man on duty, 392751 passport office
Malatia-Sebastia department (374 10) 720202 man on duty, 740202 crime dept., 399631
Davtashen sub-department (374 10) 360202 man on duty, 361394 passport office
Nor Nork department (374 10) 630202 man on duty, 634120 passport office
Shengavit department (374 10) 420202 man on duty, 444392 passport office
Charbakh sub-department (374 10) 460202 man on duty, 420263 passport office
Service Name Contact Telephone
Fire service
Ambulance service
Yerevangas emergency service
Emergency management center of Yerevan city
108, (374 10) 581124
Emergency management center of the Republic of Armenia 112
Yerevan emergency rescueinterregional union
118, (374 10)442290, 549082
Emergency rescue service
(374 10)421604, 424541
(374 10)538007
Hotline for child protection
(374 10)241580
Hotline for gasification and gas supply (374 10)570307
Hotline for retirees
080080343, 080080353
Hotline for women victims of violence
Hotline of national survey of seismic protection
(374 10)286494
Hotline of republican center for aids prevention (aids, safe sexual practices, drug addiction)
(374 10)536717
Paid ambulance service of Erebuni Medical Center 8119 (374 10)430303
Spitak rescue center (374 10)350046, 350186, 350006 chairman
Stray animal control (374 10)474796, 474791